Monday, March 12, 2018

Sweet Love | Caitlinn & Sean

Every couple has their own love language. Truly the thing I love most about engagement photography is that in a way I get to see a real love movie played out right in front me.

I simply hold the camera in my hands and before I begin to direct certain actions... I linger and wait a bit to see how the couple interacts with eachother. 

I wait for those in between forehead kisses, playful twirls, and sweet glances at one another.

I didn't have to do much directing with Caity and Sean.

The way that they easily laughed with eachother, went along with my ridiculous jokes, and naturally posed before I told them anything... made them an absolute joy to be around. 

Their love was natural, playful and totally adorable.

I asked Caity what was her favorite thing about Sean and she said,

"I love that he can make me laugh all of the time. I could be having the most terrible day, and Sean will say a few words to me, and it will make me laugh. He knows what to say to cheer you up."

I asked Sean the same thing, he looked at her, caressed her cheek and smiled.

"I love everything about her. But I love her eyes and that she always puts a smile on my face."
And then the world melted. Just kidding... but isn't that THE simplest and loveliest way to describe someone you love? I told you they're adorable. ;)

Caity and Sean are huge hockey fans and love to go watch the games together. They changed into their favorite NJ Devils jerseys and even heel clicked for me at the end of the shoot. 

Now that's an A++++ in my book ;)

Caity and Sean, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your love. You had me laughing the entire time behind my camera! I wish you endless joy... and most of all laughter, always laughter.

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