Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Seed Sower

"God never said it was our job to be soil inspectors, but to simply be seed sowers."

My pastor said these words at a recent sermon and it stung me like when you feel the initial burning of hot water hitting your skin.

As people, we judge one another. We may think we're not the judging type... but we are.

We judge when we choose our circle of friends, we judge what someone is wearing, we judge one another's beliefs. We judge if someone chooses buffet style or a seated dinner.

It's not always bad because if we didn't we'd just be walking into danger being best friends with every stranger we met. 

But the unsettling and sad feeling that really ran over and over in my mind was the fact that I did that, or rather do that.

I'm an overly cautious person, not super open to anyone that comes to me.

And I found myself "inspecting" according to someone's past who can and can't be saved.

"But they hang out with so and so..."

"But they post this stuff, so I don't think they're the type..."

"But they do..."


And then my head hung low as if I could almost feel God's questioning eyes on me... "And who are YOU to make the assumption who can and can't be saved?"

Noone is born saved. Otherwise, we wouldn't need a savior.

I think of Cornelius, the Roman centurion who had a dream of God calling him.

Peter doubted a vision that God showed him and didn't want to accept it. But when Peter finally got there... Cornelius and his entire family were ready to hear the Gospel and then proceeded on getting baptized. 

God had everything already placed in Cornelius' heart, even though Peter didn't think a Gentile, much less a Roman centurion--- one of Rome's most elite would accept the Gospel. // Acts 10 //

When God calls out Saul on the road to Damascus... in a vision He speaks to Ananias telling him to meet and speak to this man named Saul of Tarsus. Ananias goes on to question God telling him this man has done terrible things and might not be the best man to choose to do God's work.

But God says I have chosen him, do what I am telling you. Saul's name is later changed to Paul and becomes one of the greatest teachers and apostles of the Gospel. // Acts 9 //

As humans, it's in our nature to judge people on what they can or can't do based on their past or current lifestyle.

But then I was reminded: that's not my job.

My job is to simply love and spread the message. Plant the seed. God is the one who provides the growth.

We don't stand next to a plant and beg it day by day to grow. No, instead we nourish it with water and place it by the sun.

Then just wait and watch.

That's what God calls us to do. He shows us someone that He loves and we just plant the seed (the Gospel message) and nourish (love) the person.

And then we just wait. Talk to God about it. The rest is up to Him.

I love that God chooses us all, He doesn't count us as useless or "past saving" because of our battered pasts or people we've hung out with, or things we shouldn't have done but did anyway.

He loves us and chooses us, He sees what we could be, and sends us someone who can tell us about His love. 

But then it's up to us to choose Him back. And once we accept His grace and love for us... He begins to grow us.

And then He makes us new.

Brand-Spankin' new.

Not like on Amazon where you can buy things that are "Slightly Used", "Good Condition", "Like New".

No. He makes us NEW.

And that my friends is the greatest and most wonderful act of love and kindness the world has and will ever see.

Plant the seed... and watch it grow.

He's counting on us to count others in.

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