Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Moment in the Clouds

I walked down the tight aisle as people flung their bags into the overhead bins, and found my window seat which I already had picked out when I booked my ticket from the Pursuit Conference in Georgia. Being alone on a flight makes you wonder who you will end up sitting next to.

I settled into my seat and looked out the window when a woman came by the empty seat next to me. Checking her ticket number she smiled and introduced herself. "What's your name? Barbara... oh I'm Barbara too!!"

The rest of the flight Barbara told me about her travels, her family, grandchildren, all her years of being a teacher. We shared our love for travel and all of the beautiful places we wanted to visit. 

I shared about my trip and my hopes and dreams, and we stared in awe out the tiny rectangular window at the immense height the plane was able to fly. 

No matter how many times we both had flied, we just couldn't get over the wonder and amazement that an aircraft with that much weight... could hold us up in the air thousands of feet in the sky.

Living in a society that everyone keeps to themselves on their phones or preoccupied in something doesn't exactly allow you to meet people on the road, much less hold a conversation. 

And yet somehow on this flight home, I put away my book, my iPod and anything else I had... and just enjoyed being present with someone I had just met. 

We walked out the terminal together and right before we parted paths, we hugged each other and exchanged a few words of how wonderful it had been to talk, and she wished me well with everything in my life. 

Two complete strangers formed a short but memorable friendship over a two hour flight. It amazes that if we really paid attention to those around us... we can see just how similar and yet uniquely beautiful we are to one another.

Our struggles, triumphs, hopes, dreams, loves, family... we are all people with souls.

Barbara, if you ever happen to stumble upon my little home on the internet... I want you to know how grateful I was to have had that little time by the small plane window as we sailed across the sky. 

Your passion for life showed me that despite our troubles and fears... the power of kindness and friendship is always only a few words away. Thank you for that.

Sometimes God has certain people come into our lives if only for a moment in time to show us that despite our differences... we need each other. And that kindness is an act that forever stays with you, long after the moment has passed.  

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