Monday, April 25, 2016

Lifestyle Portraits | Sweet 16 : Daniela & Valeria

It feels like just yesterday when I took these two aside and snapped of few of their photos. But can you believe it--- that was 3 years ago! And in a few weeks they will be turning 16... and how beautiful have they grown up to be! 

For their Sweet 16 shoot, they wanted to go all out, so we planned to go to one of my favorites parks and bring along some things that best showcased their unique personalities. Cupcakes, ginormous balloons, confetti, books, guitar... we lugged it all in the car and had were on our way. 

Funny story: the balloons were sooo big that they didn't both fit in the trunk (we should've known that was a sign!) So we decided to take photos with them first, lest they ahem fly away.

We posed them a few times and just couldn't get get them to stay in place with the wind... and you guessed it... all of a sudden the number 1 balloon started to float away!

Oh I wish I caught it on camera the way my totally awesome cousin (and assistant!) ran after that balloon and lunged for her life to save it! But sadly... it betrayed us. But no worries, we were full of laughs the entire day and had already gotten some awesome photos with the balloons. 

Side note: If you ever have balloons in your photos: PHOTOGRAPH THEM FIRST... you have been warned! Haha ;) 

I can't wait to celebrate at their party coming up in a few weeks, here are my favorite photos from their shoot. Oh and a HUGE thank you to my amazing hair stylist and make up artists/balloon catchers/outfit changers etc...  Giulie and Netta. You girls were amazing and the absolute best!

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