Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dionysius & Eleutheria | Proposal

It was a bitterly cold Friday morning as I stood to wait by the water, ready with my camera in hand.

A friend of mine was surprising his cousin from Greece with photographs of his proposal to his girlfriend in front of the beautiful skyline on this clear gorgeous day. 

So I pretended to photograph the city as I saw them at the corner of my eye appear. Then as soon as I saw him pull out the ring box, I started snapping away.

I always ask my clients to schedule their shoots before sunset to get that beautiful creamy sunlight in their photos. Though it was cold, the light was absolutely stunning.  

Dionysius and Eleutheria were so excited about their engagement, they stepped right in to pose and we had such a great time walking along the waterfront!

Here are my favorite photographs from their perfect proposal!

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