Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grand Canyon and Sedona Adventure 2016

There are certain places that I've always wanted to see in person at one point in my life. That photos just wouldn't do it justice... and I had to see it through my very own eyes. 

The Grand Canyon was one of those places. It was just too surreal to take in through a photograph. And so within a spur of a moment (literally a week before), my sister, cousin and I made arrangements and booked everything in order to get us there. 

As many people probably would, we underestimated just how big the state of Arizona was. We drove from Phoenix to Sedona in just over 2 hours. As we pulled in closer, the Red Rocks were seen from a distance and we stared in absolute awe. 

Even in person, it just didn't seem real. The grooves and edges of the mountains resembled a painting in many shades of red.

The mornings greeted us with the smell of firewood, and the view of Snoopy and Lucy Rock from the Peanuts. The nights were illuminated with all of the stars that could be seen in the sky.

We stayed in the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble on Main Street, Sedona which was pleasantly located on a very touristy street. Touristy in a good way though. It had hotels, a walkway, stores, and plenty of restaurants to choose from. 

When we finally reached the Grand Canyon, which was also another 2 hours... it was unbelievable. It looked as if someone had a television screen in front of us.

We visited the South Rim and other points including Yavapai Lookout. The Grand Canyon stretches over 1900 square miles and reaches over a height of 7500 feet above sea level.

Watching the sunset behind the Grand Canyon was my absolute favorite. It was a sight so beautiful and peaceful that I'll never forget. 

We also explored Sedona with Pink Jeep Tours and after got to go horseback riding on the hills and slopes in a desert. Besides my horse Pilot bringing me close to the edge... it was the most amazing experience ever ;). 

Sadly these photographs truly don't do the Grand Canyon justice, so you really do need to go for yourself someday if you can! But I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did experiencing this little adventure of ours.

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