Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quick Chek 32nd Annual Balloon Festival

     Going to a balloon festival had been on my want to do list for a long time, and finally I got to go this past weekend. It was the 32nd Annual festival held by Quick Chek, which had music, food, rides, and of course hot air balloons!!! When it reached sunset, the balloons slowly started to inflate and finally ascend into the sky. Soon the whole sky above us was filled with beautifully colored balloons.
     Most had the classic shape, but there were also some fun ones likes an Angry Bird, a lighthouse, and even a flying panda! I had a great time, and definitely want to visit again next year and get some closer photographs of the beautiful balloons. Next on my list? Take a ride on a hot air balloon!! Here are a few of my photos from the festival...enjoy! 

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