Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Travels: The Heart of Italy

    Every few years or so my family and I take an 8 1/2 hour flight to Italy and arrive to the smiles and embraces of happy relatives. As soon as we arrive to the small town in southern Italy, I run to my grandparents' balcony and just stand there and take it all in for a few minutes. I have been visiting this place ever since I was a tot, and so for me it holds endless memories. From celebrating my 2nd birthday to taking long walks with my cousins---only to run back yelling of fear from sudden noises in the woods, every time was an adventure.
    Yet every time I go, it's as if time has been frozen and everything remains the same. Even though I always took photos on every vacation, this time was a bit different. I wanted to capture the feeling of being there, what I saw and what essentially to me is Italy. The food, the mountains, the countryside, the beautiful sunsets every evening, the brightly colored houses...the small things that will take me back to this place every time I look at a photograph. Here are a few of the photos I took while there, enjoy and I hope every image will whisk you away to this timeless place. 

Pizza anyone?
Taking in the beautiful sunset on my grandparents' rooftop.
This sunset was even more beautiful in person.
Hands down THE best Gelato I've ever tasted.

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