Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Luck Charm

        I'll be the first to admit that I am way over the top when it comes to emotions. Weddings and special occasions are a given for many, but I mean you can tell me a sad story that happened to someone a long time ago---that I possibly never even met and you will have yourself a front seat viewing of the Niagara Falls...seriously. Over the weekend I visited my grandparents and watched Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna), which turned out to be quite an inspirational story. It's about a young Mexican boy that travels to the United States in search of his mother, after his grandmother passes away. 
       Once the movie came to an end, I looked over at my grandmother and watched her nonchalantly wipe her watery eyes beneath her glasses, as if it was simply the dust that caused her to do so. I looked away hiding the hot tears at the corner of my eyes just waiting for an opportunity to burst. Okay try to retain your laughter but what I did next can easily qualify as one of the most ridiculous things someone can do. I did what anyone else would. I simply walked to the bathroom, shut the door....and flat out sobbed. The moment resembled a rendition of Sofía Vergara's crying scene on the Ellen Show---minus the hitting the counter with my shoe. And then I wiped away my tears and walked out of the room completely fine. That's pretty normal right?
       Regardless, I couldn't help but relate this little episode of mine to other situations in life. Sometimes things get tough. And sometimes we tend to hide our insecurities from others for fear that we might not be accepted. As for me, I hadn't realized how truly frustrating and at times discouraging this road would be. I am slowly coming to understand that learning is a process. That it takes time to get where you want to be--- but I still won't deny I wish there was some magical chip that would insert all of the knowledge in me --_--. As I finished my dinner a few nights ago, I reached for the last fortune cookie on the table slowly cracking it in half, and unwrapped the little fortune nestled inside. What it stated left me in deep thought for few moments as I fought back the urge to tear up. I now keep this little fortune on my desk as a good luck charm or perhaps a simple reminder that maybe I'm not ready to give up on this, not just yet. 

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