Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cities of Clouds

I wrote this when I was flying back home from Florida. The sky was an array of changes that day... all beautiful in their own likeness.

As I write this I cant help but feel so small. I'm thousands of feet up in the air in a small seat crunched between by arm rest and little table with my Dunkin' Donuts coffee on it.
What I see out the window: cities of clouds. So calm and beautiful. And it's so incredible.  

Twenty minutes ago the lightening below these clouds lit up the ground and shook the earth. 

We were delayed twice. And yet here I am.

The same clouds but can do two opposite things. They can be powerful and destructive when lightening strikes... and then beautiful and calming.

And just seeing how magnificent all of this is... God who created it all must be so much more amazing.

I feel small because sitting here literally thousands of feet up, I have nothing else to do but marvel and put my trust and life in this grand God that created all of this and me.

It's hard not being scared. And I get scared easily, but knowing God is there all along... I can't help but say He is all of the marvelous words and more. 

He is wonderful, magnificent, powerful, marvelous, triumphant, beauty, calm, love. 

Even these can't encompass just how great you are.

Your presence is greater than any fear I will ever encounter.

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