Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"Remember to love your parents...We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old."  

     Not too long ago I came across this quote, and then I just stood there with a lump in my throat for a good 5 minutes. Many times I like to think about all the wonderful things I want to do in my life, and where I want to go, or how excited I am about a concert coming up. Plan and plan, work and work, and then make more plans. It seems like the more we want to live in the now, the more we actually don't. I tend to get caught up in that far too many more times than I wish. 
     And then I stumble upon little sayings, little reminders that are almost like a pinch or tug on the heart. I start to think, maybe I do think about things that I shouldn't be concerned with too much. I should appreciate what I have, or rather who I have with me right now. And so this brings me to a little photo shoot I had of my grandparents the other day.
     I'm blessed to have all four of my grandparents still living, even though two of them live halfway around the world. Every once in a while I like to visit my grandparents' home that live near me and bring along their favorite Boston Cream Dunkin' Donuts or some other treats. I spend the entire time listening and laughing to their old stories, asking them to tell me their adventures when they were my age. I sit there thinking how beautiful it is to be able to speak to my grandparents and hear these songs and tales.
     Many of us don't really think about it, but in reality that old world and all of the stories along with it are slipping away, and one day all that will exist are the memories and stories we were told. Sometimes my grandparents laugh at me when I ask them to retell the super long poem they once told me. But little do they realize that what they are sharing with me is something that I'll hold on to until I have my own grandchildren. I want to remember. 
     The way my Nonna pouted as I told her to smile...and then laughed anyway. The way my Nonno told my Nonna to face my direction for the photo...and then she yelled at him that it was her turn and to mind his business. The way she uses her hands to speak (Clearly an Italian thing ;).) And the way they both finished each other's stories as if it just happened yesterday. 
     And so I say to you, remember your parents, your grandparents, your uncles and aunts. Even in the midst of everyday life. An unexpected call, a visit will mean more to them than you know. Life is overwhelming many times, but in the end the ones you love and loved you are the only things that will matter. My grandparents probably find it funny every time I ask them to retell a story they told so many times...if only they knew how I'll never forget those stories and memories we created as they told them. 
     Oh and a little side note, today is my 100th post!!!!! Woo I can't believe it =) Here are a few of the photographs... Happy Wednesday! 

I hope one of my children will someday have my Nonna's beautiful eyes. 
My Nonno is possibly THE coolest grandpa you'll ever meet.
Tending after her Fig tree
I got her to smile!

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