Thursday, October 20, 2011

All things à la femme

I have been experimenting with shooting different subjects lately, and I have come to really enjoy all of the delicate things I found that just so happened to be right here in my own home. We sometimes tend to think that in order to capture a beautiful image, we must go somewhere beautiful. But as it turns out there is beauty all around us. Just take a look at the flowers on your dining room table, the colors, their beautiful soft texture. Or even your kitchen windows, how the sun illuminates the room and the shadows that are cast in different angles. Maybe even that dusty old chair that creaks every time someone sits on it. Beauty comes in all different ways, shapes, and sizes..... and sometimes just changing your perspective can reveal a true splendor. I simply placed my objects in natural lighting, changed their positions a few times annnd voilà! Who knew all you needed was the sun to bring out the beauty in something already beautiful?! By now you probably may be wondering why I titled this post "All things à la Femme". Well, the photos that I shot are among many of my favorite things and a well let's face it... are downright girly. This post is dedicated to all of the ladies out there who perhaps will not admit it but regardless love their high-heeled shoes, pretty perfume bottles, and of course let's not forget about the oh so famous little blue box...Tiffany's! ;) Enjoy and happy it's almost Friday day!!! 

This perfume smells as pretty as it looks =)
A girl can never have too many shoes ;)
I love my cable car necklace I got when I visited San Francisco this summer. 

One of my favorite bracelets----a gift from my Nonni when I turned 16.

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  1. shoes, tiffany's, cupcakes & photography! I already like you lol... thanks for you comment :) I'm assuming that's your son? he's a cutie-pie!