Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Year 8

If I could rewind back to 8 years ago today, I had recently graduated with my bachelors in education, returned from a road trip to celebrate... and then came back to real life smacking me in the face. 

I was 22 years old, fresh out of college and confused on whether I wanted to pursue what I studied anymore, a school loan that loomed over my head... and overall overwhelmed with change and my new reality. 

So how was Barbara Marcella Photography born? To be honest it all started with this blog. I had ideas in my head, the thoughts I'd scribble in my journals, and one day I decided it was time to do something, anything than just dream. So I began to write. 

I remember asking God to give me something that I can do for work in my life because I felt so lost. All I knew was that I loved being creative... but was that enough to have as a job?

Many years and jobs passed, but this little blog remained. What I couldn't do in real life I brought here through my photographs and words. And with every passing post, I grew and changed a little bit more every time. 

My story and how I am where I am now isn't that important. Because truthfully we all have a story... but the crazy/amazing part isn't that. It's that our stories though little, are part of a grand story, one that has no end. Whether you realize it or not you play a part in God's story. You were born and given a purpose, you were loved before anyone even had any thought of your existence... because God already knew you. 

It's funny because most people tend to give up and move on if they don't see instant success with a project. We expect to plant the seed today, pluck it tomorrow, and eat it in our salad the next day. 

But real life isn't like that is it? Then why do we think our ideas would be?

There's a reason why God created life a certain way, and most of the times the most valuable things often take the longest. But in turn, also teach us patience. 

Here are a few tips if you feel a bit a lost on your road... remember everyone's path is different (lookwise and lengthwise)

1. Start small. It's great to think big, but sometimes it can overwhelm us so much that we give up before we even go. So just start from where you are. 

2. Be dedicated no matter who is in the audience. Today's world everyone just does things for the likes and comments. But what would happen if likes and comments disappeared? Would half of those people continue? Do things because your heart is in it, if not it won't be long until you toss it.

3. Give yourself time! No one is born knowing what their destiny is or knowing what "they're meant to do". Practice, learn, ask, practice, practice. If you're all in it I promise you, you can do it too. 

4. Don't feel that you need to fit into a certain lifestyle or job because "everyone else is too"... I did and spent many car rides and nights crying to myself. At the end of the day, you will be the one at your job. Not your mom, your dad, your best friend... you. So choose something that you can enjoy and work hard. 

5. Make friends in what you're interested in! I'm so reserved that oftentimes I have to push myself to go to outings and meet people. But I'm so glad I did because I've met so many incredible people in the creative field and gotten so many opportunities I wouldn't have had if I hadn't gone. 

All in all, don't have any regrets. Things will go wrong and you'll probably have detours... but those things will make you resilient and humble. 

I'm grateful for my humble beginnings, truth be told I'm still learning. This little online home gave me a place to dream free of limits and to pour out my heart through my creativity. 

Thank you so much for reading along all of my ups and downs, my clients who allow me into their lives to document their special moments, and to everyone who has ever supported me, cheered me up, and has loved me enough to tell me it's time to stop crying and keep moving forward. 

Here's to standing tall when the seasons get rough and to never forgetting to look up at the One who is bigger than it all.

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