Sunday, August 26, 2018


I'm not quite sure where to start this post, other than realizing this is my final year of being a 
twenty-something year old. 

To be honest as in all seasons of my life... I never thought it would really be over. Or I guess that my turn would come too.

And as much as I'm dreading leaving this season behind... alas, all things in life must come and go.

When I turned 20, I looked through my imaginary "future peephole" and saw my life looking all sorts of sparkles and "cue the Broadway music" when I would be this age. 

Secure Career? Check.
Married? Check.
Beautiful house? Check.
Cute kids? Check. 
Fancy car and vacations? Check.

My life plan was set. Shaking my head, Oh Barbara. 

But gratefully there is a God that loves me so much, He didn't give me "my perfect plan". Because He knew it's not what I needed.

Through the different jobs and searching that came and went these years, I always felt lost.

But I wouldn't change a thing. Why?

Because it was during these years of my life that every tear that streaked my face, every "crying" wrinkle that etched itself into my eyes... left a reminder that I was so wrecked in my way of thinking that I needed saving. 

And that I was tired of figuring it all out alone.

I'll never forget this decade because in my 20's... Jesus saved me. And it changed everything.

And I now know that all of those things I ever wanted, even if I did get in life... would mean absolutely nothing if I never came to know who my Creator was. 

My little brother reminded me, "Even if you have nothing in this world... if you have Jesus, you have everything."

And so you're probably expecting me to tell you what lessons I've learned all these years, what to avoid, what to do, etc... 

But instead, I'll leave you with this. 

*We often put too much pressure on ourselves to have it all... but rarely does life turn out how we plan.

*You can't wait forever for that "thing" you want to start... just start. 

*What are birthdays and seasons for if not for learning and growing right? Hold on to the things that make your heart beat.

*Try different hobbies and passions... you might be surprised at what you like/are good at.  

*Be dedicated to a few things... and do them incredibly well. 

*Reach out to a friend/coworker in need. We all need saving... be the little light in your world around you.

*Travel if you can... God gave us this beautiful world for a reason! We're in the best time period to quickly get on the other side... take advantage to see how others live. 

*Don't be afraid to say "yes" to the things you like, and "no" to the things that aren't you. 

*The more you push yourself in the thing you're scared of, the more you'll grow. I've never felt more myself than I do now. God has grown me and given me a confidence that I never knew was within me.  

I heard this quote the other day,

"Contentment has nothing to do with what you have, but everything to do with who you know."

This couldn't be truer. 

I may "not have it all" according to the world's standards... but I have my family, my health, friends, a home, a purpose, and most importantly Jesus. 

I'd say at 29... I have everything I need.  

29... I'm so glad you made it! Show me what you're made of. Let's do this.

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