Thursday, October 20, 2016

The light at the end

"I can't do this" I sat there in my car clutching the wheel, my mascara now dripping down my cheeks and looked more like Batman's cape than my day's makeup.

Bending over the window opening, he paused and then took my face firmly in his hands, "Yes you can. This is only the will get better. You can run away if you want, but I'm telling you not to. If God didn't think you could do it, he wouldn't have given you this."

I can't say I really understand how life can change from one moment to another, but it does.

One day you could be waiting and longing for something, and then all of a sudden you forgot what you wanted in the first place from being so busy. 

I'm in a pretty busy season at the moment. I'm grateful for my job because it is a hidden blessing (thanks God), but to be honest it's been a pretty brutal war of pushing and shoving on my end. 

If you know me well, you know I'm pretty darn stubborn. And when I say stubborn I mean no matter what anyone tells me and tries to sweet talk me and encourage me, if I want to cry that day... I'm going to cry. 

And sometimes that's OK. You don't have to be strong all the time. Because you're human, I'm human. 

The world keeps telling us that we need to filter ourselves to show we can handle it all, be successful, take the blows and at the end of the day smile and reflect that on social media. 

But the truth is, sometimes it hurts so badly that all we want to do is bury our faces into the hard floor and just sob. 

That's real. Because life can't be filtered.

But after the tears, you need to get yourself back up, walk away, and leave the past where it is... in the past. 

If there's one thing I want you to know that the world doesn't tell us is this: there is a light at the end. And it does in fact get better. 

This season that you're in whatever it may be... it's temporary, but necessary for you to grow.

And then when you finally see that faint light... you won't crawl, you won't hold onto the walls.... you will run to it because you've already been through the darkness. 

Hold on just a little bit longer, fight until you've given all that's in you and don't you dare give up... the light is too bright for you to miss out on at the end. 

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