Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer Travels: Lugano, Switzerland

    We boarded the afternoon bus that would take us from southern Italy all the way up to the tip of Switzerland. The trip would take us about 12 hours or so, so you would think packing a sufficient amount of paninis would probably be the normal thing to do right? Well as usual the rush and excitement must have completely gotten to our heads because we totally forgot to make food, and so we settled for putting together cheese and bread two minutes before we left. -___- But no worries, my sister and I made sure to pack enough snacks and biscotti for the long ride... because you know, you can never have enough biscotti ;). 
    I have never traveled for so many hours by bus, and so it was incredible to be able to see the countryside as the hours passed by and the sky grew darker and darker. We slept for most of the time, but I remember how cool it was checking my phone and seeing the location change from Italy to Switzerland. The houses beautifully illuminated the mountains, and in that moment time just seemed to stop. Every house seemed so peaceful and still, and I wondered what everyone else in the world was doing at that same time. 
    We arrived shortly and were greeted by happy family members. The next few days were filled with sightseeing through the cities of Locarno and Ascona, taking a dip in the lake of Lugano, and spent nights having way too many laughs and eating plenty of Swiss chocolate. =D Here are a few photos I took during this great trip that I won't soon forget. Enjoy!

The sunset was absolutely beautiful on the road to Lugano. 
This gate was my favorite place by Lake Lugano. 
So many pretty choices...which one do I choose?!?

Some of the yummy dishes we had on our stay:

Tomato, Mozzarella and Green Beans Antipasto
Penne with Spicy Shrimp
Eggplant Parmigiana and A Swiss dish called SpƤtzle
Colorful Buildings through the town of Ascona, Switzerland. 
I can't go anywhere without getting my dose of gelato =D. 

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  1. great pics! I loved Switzerland when i was there.