Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Recipes | Tre Colori Pasta Salad

     It's finally the Summer... and it's hot and sticky and well you may be wondering what can you cook that won't make you just want to get out of the kitchen and order takeout. Well I give you... Tre Colori Pasta Salad

     It is the perfect dish that is quick, easy, summer-approved and delicious. You can substitute the pasta with penne or any other that you prefer. You can also add other veggies, and the best part is it's eaten cold and that means you can save it for more than one day! Here is the recipe below... enjoy!

12 oz. Tricolor Rotini or your favorite pasta
16 oz. Italian Dressing or Oil and Vinegar
1 Red/Yellow Diced Pepper  
1 Cup Baby Carrots Diced
1 Cup Cherry or Grape Tomatoes
 Mozzarella/ Bocconcin   
Black Olives
1 Cucumber
Black Pepper
Parmiggano Cheese

1. Boil pasta according to box instructions. 
2. Once cooked, chop all the vegetables, mozzarella and anything else you would like in your salad. 
3. Drain past and place in a big bowl. 
4. Bring all ingredients together and mix.
5. Add the dressing and sprinkle with chopped Parsley. 
6. Refrigerate and enjoy!  

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