Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sweet Love: Sean & Ashley

     Everyone has a story. Ashley knew of Sean through mutual friends and heard countless stories of how incredibly funny he was. It wasn't until the day of their friends wedding rehearsal where they saw each other in person though. Sean was struck by how beautiful she was and eventually started a conversation. "He told me I looked like Uma Thurman..." Ashley laughed as she retold the memory. Time passed by as they spoke about their future goals and passions...and with everyday fell more and more in love. 
     Sean planned the perfect proposal on the beach, with a seaside dinner and light torches to light the was all set. But when high tide made it too difficult to walk along the water...the plan seemed to be ruined. Just when Sean was about to walk away, Ashley stopped and looked at the ground. Confused she read a few washed away letters written on the sand, "Marry...Someone spelled Mary with two r's...". After a few seconds she dropped her bucket of seashells and realized the letters actually were a sentence spelling out "Will you marry me?".
     She turned to see Sean on his knee...can you guess what happened next? She said yes of course! I had so much fun with these two during their photo session. Sean knew all of the poses before I even asked them to do anything! Makes me wonder if he studied any posing techniques or maybe was a model at some point. ;) Sean and Ashley congratulations, you were amazing to work with! 

They weren't afraid to get a little silly =)
A beautiful couple
His graceful dancing skills would make any girl swoon...Ashley you're one lucky girl! ;)

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  1. Barbara,

    I love the pictures! You're awesome!